Why the need for iGamingOps.com?

Where there is money involved, there will be fraud. This is true for all industries. Minimizing the amount of fraud on your site is important for several reasons:

1) Financial – Fraud will hurt your site directly financially

2) Trust – Fraud will indirectly hurt your site, as if your players do not feel safe, they will move to sites where they do feel safe

3) Licensing/Regulation – Fraud can hinder your site getting regulated, as well as a possibility of losing your license(s) if the fraud is bad enough

At iGamingOps.com, we have a vast wealth of experience on the above, which can help you to both proactively and reactively lower the potential & actual fraud that occurs on your site(s). As well as anti-fraud, our experience will help guide you through everything that is required from a successful iPoker & iGaming operations standpoint, as laid out here.

Many iPoker and iGaming companies will have Game Security, Financial Fraud, Customer Support, as well as other operational departments, however some well under perform, leading to numerous issues being posted daily on forums such as 2+2, CasinoMeister, etc. Allow iGamingOps.com to help top up your operations staff’s knowledge, fine-tune current procedures and improve your automated systems. Contact Us for more information.