Here is a brief summary of the services that offer. Should you want more details, please Contact Us

Administrative UI Creation & DesignDesigning the entire administrative backend of your site, including all tools & reports, which ultimately will be used by all Operations staff on a daily basis
Proactive & Reactive System CreationDesigning and QAing anti-fraud & anti-cheating systems so that your site will detect and prevent these incidents, minimizing financial (and possibly license) loss
Poker Room ManagementSeveral years of experience running both an operator as well as an entire poker network. Includes setting up all MTTs & MTT series plus satellites and tournament structures. Reviewing cash game & SNG offerings, as well as gathering feedback directly from the players on forums such as 2+2. Running promotions which appeal to recreational players, which in turn appeals to all players
Player Account SecurityImplementing proactive alerts and rules to identify and disable accounts that may have been compromised, to prevent financial loss to the player
Collusion InvestigationsCollusion is two or more players acting with a secret, common strategy. Hole card sharing, soft playing, whipsawing & chip dumping are just some of what can be detected. Full collusion tools can be created to help combat this issue
Bot DetectionDesigning tools and reports to help identify accounts who may be using a bot to play. Analyzing gameplay data from accounts to also help detect bots
Deposit FraudFraudulent Credit Card, Auto Clearing House & eWallet deposits. Also, identifying and dealing with large, international CC Fraud Rings
Cashout ReviewsReview pending cashouts to verify the funds have been won/gained legitimately
Player FraudHelp with minimizing both potential and actual financial loss with regards to promo, deposit bonus, affiliate & rakeback abuse
Player Base ReviewReviewing your entire player base, along with fraudulent accounts you have previously found to help identify fraud patterns. This information will then be used to implement alerts, rules & reports to prevent & catch future instances
High Profile Multi Account & Account Sharing DetectionBasic multi accounting can generally be found by asking for identity documents. However, players will attempt to come back to your site when banned under their old accounts. Players will also try to take advantage of other customers and use more than one account for a number of different nefarious reasons
Promotion ReviewLessen the chance of abuse by setting up a promotion correctly. Many online casino & poker promotions open the door for fraud. By simply looking at how a specific promotion might be abused, small tweaks can be implemented to drastically reduce such a likelihood. Once the promotion has been run, a full analysis can be performed to remove fraudulent accounts as well as adjust for future promotions
Responsible GamingProtecting both your site and problem gamblers is incredibly important, for reputation, financial risk and licensing. Having the proper tools and procedures in place is a must for any reputable site
Operations ManagementHelping set up your customer service & operations department(s), including choosing which 3rd party tools for email management to use, along with hiring and training staff. Implementing ad hoc reports and tools to maximize efficiency of all team members
Product ManagementIf there is a breakdown in communication between your operational teams & your dev team, this can hurt the product and your company. We can help with such issues and set procedures so it runs smoothly going forward
Misc ItemsHaving been heavily involved in the industry since 2004, we have seen a lot. We keep up to date with iGaming happenings on forums and news sites and can help on a lot of different items that might not be thought of, like DDOSing individual players, rather than the sites themselves. Please Contact Us, should you have an issue that we might be able to deal with
Additional ResourcesShould your company have the need, additional people can be brought on board to work on operational matters, as well as other areas that you require.